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Walk With Me

Walk With Me through living, being and everything in it: love, music, inspiration, questions, relationships, parents, nature, pets, exercise, food, cooking, people, cosmos, astrological signs, rejecting, receiving and the things that have no words for just yet.

I am a holistic health & wellness practitioner that facilitates you to a better mind & body, health that gives you access to a greater life.

Sessions in Caloundra, Kings Beach.

I am here to explore different possibilities.




  • Access Bars
  • Healy Analyses
  • Healy resonance session
  • Healy Aura analyses

Read under the Sessions tab.


6-month program:

Once a month it will be time about You, your dreams, goals and happiness. Package includes:

  • Access Bars Session to relax your mind and body and restrictive thinking patterns
  • Healy Analyses that will show witch organs or life area requires attention
  • Healey Aura Analyses that shows the condition of your energetic field and gives specific advice in terms of witch activity, foods, oils, crystals are contribution to your mind and body.
  • Consultation elaboration of all above
  • Focus for the month
  • Setting inspirational targets for the period

I am giving a unique perspective about health conditions, why the health condition occured in the first place. By understanding the underlying emotional reason that requires honesty to yourself is where healing begins.

Some examples of if you like under the Walks & talks tab:

Analyses for a specific health condition and/or life situation.

Articles for magazines, newspapers, websites.

I have no struggle to find something to write about is it a fairy tale, product review, government grant a beautiful Sunday or mole on your face.


A columnist writing about emotional causes behind physical & mental discords.

Articles published in the international health magazine Holistic Bliss:

Holistic Bliss Reena Terreping


Brainz Magazine  Executive-contributor/Reena-Terreping

Brainz Magazine

Here you can ask a question in terms of cooking classes, body processes or Writing.

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