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Are you choosing for you or for somebody else?

Are you choosing for you or for somebody else?

Are you choosing for your parents…still, after a few decades on this planet? Really?

That question just came up when watching a famous drama series Bachelor (I do enjoy the romantic part not the drama) I have noticed it happens a lot in these TV shows; my dream woman or a man is somebody that fits well with my family and friends’ is usually the first thing they say. Where is he or she in this equation? Failure written within at the beginning of the great dream of a great match for himself. I’d ask, do not you know where your heart is?

How many choices have you made for your parents or friends or for a community perhaps?

Witch one is lighter choosing for You or choosing for others; leaving you out of the equation?

That’s one thing why ‘bad’ parents are ‘good’ parents. You do not want to copy them; you are much more likely to find your own way, where’ s having your parents as an ideal; you might chase all your life something that is not for you actually, because every human being has their own unique way to live their lives. Only you know what or who contributes to your life to get to a greater you.

Anyway, it’s weird, it’s like a century ago when parents chose a partner for their child; these days some are still doing it voluntarily.

In their final hours they will be thinking; did I live the life truth to myself? Eaam… I sure made my parents happy and friends and colleagues and …? What would’ve life had been like if I had chosen for me? Perhaps ask it right now. Change is possible.

Are you creating your life or choosing for someone else?

Also choosing for you does not mean choosing against anyone or anything.


Is this me when I am choosing this; or is it for somebody or for something else?

What if you ask this question with everything in your life? With career, money, friends? Am I choosing me here or for somebody else?

Sometimes you do not understand why you choose what you choose, then ask is it for now or is it for future?

Is this your life and living if you leave yourself out of the equation? Is this kind to you? Can you contribute to anyone else; if you cannot, be you?

There is no resistance. You know.🌹