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Are you waiting or creating?

Photo: In the ‘waiting room’ backstage of the fashion show where I was admin aid for the second year. It was one of the million things I wanted to see the kitchen side of… and I did.

It still amazes me how easily people lose themselves. They have got twice to the cover of the magazine (that they themselves actually paid for), and they are gone – kindness, fairness, respect, all of it.

The question is if I am choosing me by going on with this? Am I in the equation when choosing to volunteer there again? Or, am I avoiding me by contributing to this? Is the drama worth it? Now, how can it get better? So much about this reality, you are not here for that, are you?

Are you waiting or creating? Creating you, your life, living, worlds?

Sometimes it’s really hard to be where you are, however there are always things that bring lightness into your heart, think of these things to switch off the resistance. It’s a pattern to think negative thoughts and takes practice to start thinking otherwise. Is getting happy worth the practice? 🙂

No sugar coating, think of the Real things that you truly appreciate at the moment!

Waiting is not good for the heart, so better get present with what is and ask what else is possible? How can it get better than this? (Try repeating it 100 times, no need to feel or think anything).

‘The process:’

“The moment you realize you are not present, you are present”  Tolle, E. (1997). The Power of Now (p. 26).

How easy is that? 🙂

How can it get better? 🙂