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Articles in Brainz Magazine

Here are some articles that have been published in Brainz Magazine so far.

These are more refined, ‘normalized’ but not edited by any measure. My point of view is that there are plenty of ‘perfect’ read: dead words out there. I put it out in a more consumable way, and am still trying to keep the energy as is.

Enjoy and share with care!

I have a few posts waiting to get into print, more in the Bla Bla category.

Hope your new beginning has a powerful intention this year. I already have a couple of new bars clients that have decided to have Bars sessions as their monthly self care.

Feel free to book yourself in the Book now tab. Prices are better for new clients in January 1h $85.

Happy New Year! What would it be like if you were as happy as You are? 🙂 🙂😍

BM suggested not to use the same titles, so do not get confused if the title in the BM is different. Long time readers are somewhat familiar with the content of these articles, however repetition is the mother of learning.

Also if you know one or are one tech mech that could help me with my website then please show up; my skills go only this far and let’s be honest; I’m not too interested in going deep with that side of the creation.

Brainz Magazine


I’m talking about what inspired me to create the website, and what I am hoping to create with it. It’s not a complete story as life events and people actually are directly connected to it.

Brainz Magazine

World Suicide Prevention Day article:

Brainz Magazine


Brainz Magazine


Beyond image:

Brainz Magazine

Exited what’s about to occur in your life:

Brainz Magazine