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Photo: baking storm for gingerbread last year.

How has your year been?

My honest, strait forward answer would be s…, although it would not be true, at all; it’s just the way I feel right now, and I do not think it is actually mine. I picked up someone else’s thoughts and feelings. Are these yours? Take it baack!:) The first half was pretty awesome and the second was too much of everything. I am kind of slow. I do something and then have to be with it, and then the next thing and repeat. I might not respond adequately to surprises. I haven’t had time to Be enough, but that is what was predicted from the beginning, that it will be fast moving, shifting, full of changes year.

Things to be happy about: moving forward with some projects, saw my mom over 8 years – almost surreal, met some more creative people, stronger physicality and mind. Live music is back, a few concerts to see next year, you here reading all this, many learnings in different areas of life- some not so pleasant ones.

So, what do you do for Christmas?

I usually say I do nothing, but the truth is that it is the time of the year; for some reason I think I have to try out all the recipes I have not the whole year and on top of that to make all the old goodies and eat the food never tasted before. Have you tried crocodile meat? Its meat is like chicken actually. I was living in the State of Crocodiles, Northern Territory, Australia, so it was ‘normal’ Sunday market food.:)

And then will visit some friends, my ‘Australian mom’ was here just yesterday, what a delight. Some do not want their one mom, I have many that I actually really love.

And then the beach of course, and no I do not miss snow or cold unless it’s going to be Colorado or Switzerland:) for a limited days.

Starry night. Simple.

Music would be nice too, but most of them are probably taking a break at this time, so ‘disco’ in the car will do. Since I am the DJ it’s going to be quite awesome 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas! Is it just by yourself or with a big family, or whatever makes you feel good! Just be kind to yourself, and leave the crowd if you feel like it.

And then, have a wonderful new year!

Remember if you are not getting what you’re wanting, you are asking too little. It makes sense. Doesn’t it? You do not have true enthusiasm behind your ask; then you are not going to get it.

Do you have what you asked for in some point of your life? There is your proof; you will get what you ask for.

A friend I talked to recently told me how he wants his own business and then I asked him; do you feel enthusiasm to get your hands on it? He realized he does not…all these years of yearning stopped right there. Phew… gone!

Maybe you’re asking for it because other people think you should, or it looks like it makes others happy; or you think that is the best thing.

Perhaps ask: What is that I am actually asking here? What is that I truly desire in my life?

Even if you do not know how, even if it seems impossible, ask what else is possible?

What else is possible beyond what I am not asking for?

What is possible that I do not think is possible that if I allowed the possibility would actualise a totally different reality?

Or maybe, take a break from asking and enjoy no thoughts at all! I will have 2 thoughts sunshine and ocean, sunshine and ocean…:). Last year a giant sea turtle came out of the sea, because of my 2 thoughts. 🙂

What’s cooking at Walkwithme:

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  • Share buttons are now visible at the end of every post, will get their true colour sometime soon, not the bright blue as they are.

Share button – in case you have some other weird friends you want to share these writings with, then you can bring them over here as well! Lol … or am I the only one you have? That is alright:) my only mean friend or actually brutally honest ‘friend’ lives on YouTube that I enjoy listening to from time to time. He reminds me of my best friend from childhood. It’s delightful; I can switch him off any time, although I never do, I suffer till the end to be polite. 🙂

Whatever you do enjoy, have fun, see the unseen.

For 2023, sending you magic, and possibilities that you were not even aware of!

Woohoo, and now what?