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Photo: @the Kings beach, it took couple of attempts not to fall over 🙂 The most joyous things: The sun, the Ocean and co-creation. Ow, and it rhymes! lol

Bye 2023!

Was a great year, with challenges; so many amazing music concerts, and progress in my clients’ lives, nurturing connections and getting more of me through creative avenues I didn’t remember I wanted to pursue. How can it get better than that!??? Now, what else is possible?

Great was that I did things I didn’t think I will do in a million years, more of that please! I didn’t plan doing these things but they popped up in my life and I stepped into doing them, that I didn’t know I would or could do or be.

What are the ‘impossibilities’ that aren’t really impossible as even the word has possibility built into it? What if that’s the same with every situation in life? What if you celebrate that next time as you already know simultaneously by having a problem; it has solution built in it? It’s a bit stretch…I know 🙂

Of course, ideally, we do not need problems in order to progress; oh, wow what would that be like?

It’s funny how you create the whole concept in your mind and have an idea what you need in order to let it, that something happen, just to discover that you didn’t need it at all, and it was in you ready to be reviled. The only thing that kept it from you was you was your own idea of how it has to come. What if there’s no order, how something has to happen? What if you let go of the construct of how something has to happen? Then what’s possible?

A couple of my friends lost their mom this year; even witnessing their grieving was hard; it changed their… everything.

At the end of November, I lost my 90-year-old friend, but I know she is still with me in other realms, and I consider myself lucky that we met in this lifetime. Thinking of her makes me see fairies flying around my head. Her energy was just so light. Last time we talked on the phone, she got giggly hearing my voice, that was a week before she passed. Sounds silly but I do regret we didn’t take a selfie together. Do not postpone anything; lesson learned.

Globally it hasn’t been pretty, wars and the fact that my birth country is bordered with Russia, and that government actually suggested people to have survival bags ready…and the history…

That is a way to learn through suffering; truly, what would it take to change that?

As always so very grateful for the co -creators that showed up or resurfaced or have always been there in a way, most likely none of them are reading here (that is understandable, it’s not comfortable read sometimes), and you, who you are reading here, you champion, have been co-creating as well as some topics have been pulled out of me, that haven’t been really my interests. 🙂 What if you acknowledge your power/energy and get more of what you want! 🙂

Gratefulll for the clarity, about people and things even though truth wasn’t comfortable, it really is the best thing!

What are the things that you acknowledge that were great this year?

I love fireworks. Last year I was on the South Bank, watched it from the rooftop of a complete stranger. I wonder where will I be this time?

Looking at the fireworks associates for me with shooting stars, so what if you this year shoot your asks into the universe? What would that create?

What if anything is possible next year; what will you choose?

Live a timeless life!

In my head: Call it Maaagic. Call it true! Yes, I do Yes, I do Of course I do! 🎶🎶🎶 Do you know the song? ☺️

Have a great, the best holiday this year!

Thank you for you!⭐⭐⭐