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Finding Light After Darkness Through the Silva Method

Life in Australia
Photo: The Beach. Look, the cutest thing: two six-year-olds carrying actually two surfboards. Their surf lesson is about to begin. Life in Australia.
I couldn’t help myself and chose unrealistic colours for the photo; these are so pretty!
Just the other day, I got criticised for not using colours in a traditional,correct way. Jaaa! What else is new?
However, I have always loved colours, but for practical reasons in ‘North Pole, I was wearing mostly dark colours. Now, I believe that colours can heal you.
I started to appreciate all visuals even more after I became blind in one eye 15 years ago. It came back; all recovered without medical intervention, as they said there’s nothing they can do. See… unfortunately, that happens if you do not want to see what you see… That’s that; let’s move on to today’s story.


This time we’ll start from the end, as appropriate, as I’m a Cancerian moving backwards in times. Perhaps that explains why I get more things done / right, here in the down under than the other side of the world lol.

It has all turned around for him now.

He says he wants to live, and he is up for creating a future for himself. He is present, bright, enthusiastic, and loving.

It’s anything far from how he was beforehand. The change has been uncomprehendible.

What did he do?

He went to the 4-day class called Jose Silva Method, created in the 1960s; all the following teachings were taken from there, whether they admitted it or not. Very shortly, it is a mind relaxation method where you spend time on the theta level. See, it’s all you, you, you! How much power are we used to putting outside of us? You are the Universe.

It was the first ‘spiritual’ class that I attended when I was 21.

There was a sentence in the local newspaper in the ad that spoke to me. I didn’t know anything about it, but I knew I’m going. I had just left university, back in my hometown and was working at some temporary job; I had to put aside the whole month’s salary. Interestingly, one of my 10 years older cousin had booked the class as well; she has also been on this path since then. Looking back, isn’t it weird how sure you can be sometimes in something despite of having very little information!

After seeing the change in him, it makes me wonder: How much of a difference has that made for me? I didn’t have anyone telling me or noticing it in my life at the time, but most likely my choices from that point on were different, although at 21, I’d say I could’ve been more gentle with myself. Perhaps it’s true for you too. Could you be more gentle with yourself?

However, this method has been in Australia only for a relatively short time, and only for the second time in Queensland. It will be here again in June.

I always wanted to repeat it in America, but at this point, it’s a challenge to find even live classes there.

Now here is the prequel to it, if you like: Brainz Magazine