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Natural Success Creative Orientation modality

It’s called “Create Your Destiny”

I am sharing because I have become a believer in creation of any kind and truly believe that if everyone were in their own creative space, the world would be a place everyone loved.

The great majority of humankind has suppressed emotions, feelings, and creativity, which creates unwanted health conditions, environments, relationships, and situationships.

The training helps you to see, gives you evidence (that our logical mind asks for) that you actually have intuition, and also helps you to make a difference, whether it’s your intuitive message or one that’s coming from the egoic structure.

What would be like if you were in your creative nature, what would your life be like?

…Go from feeling frustrated, discouraged and despondent with progress towards your personal development goals to powerfully creating and manifesting your true destiny.


… Without self-sabotaging, being unproductive or feeling like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back …


… And this is different from anything you’ve seen before …


I know you’re probably busy and 5-days might sound like a lot …


… But once you learn the Egoic Neutralization Process you will be set up with this tool for life and it will support you in creating your dreams.

So …

… is a 5-day investment worth it?

… At this event …

… you will let go of the “war within” and become a creative genius that can create anything they want.

Across the spectrum of self-improvement, from the Law of Attraction to manifestation, personal development modalities share a common thread: they basically all teach us to go for things, to focus on things and how our focus creates our reality.

The problem is that whenever you go for something, you engage your ego.

Whatever you go for, every time you go for something, you will always unconsciously engage your ego because it’s the vehicle of orientation and as such, it wants to know how you should get something.

To get the answer to that, it doesn’t look at the relevance of the moment but instead refers to your limited beliefs made up in the past with no relevance to now.

The ego tells you that you are not viable in relation to whatever the end result is and that there are conditions that are standing in your way.

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The class starts in six days from now and is for free for the last time they say. Different times in different parts of the world, see on the registration link.

Create Your Destiny Online MARCH 2024

5 Days – March 20th – 24th

9 AM – 5:30 PM Sydney Time

3:00 PM  – 11:30 – PM Los Angeles Time  on March 19

Hosted by: William Whitecloud

Create Your Destiny Online APRIL 2024

5 Days – April 10th – 14th

12 PM – 8:30 PM London Time

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM New York Time. 

Hosted by: William Whitecloud

What would it be like to be the powerful, effortless and effective creator that you are?