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Just for fun

Human Design

Someone asked if I was doing human design; while I love good design in everything, this one sounded kind of superior to me, lol.
I definitely do not do human design; I am the space for you to be you and the change you’re asking for. In other words, you design you.
However, I got interested in what it was and landed on the website that analyses your birth time and name and will give you some kind of profile. I do not think anyone can put you in any kind of box; therefore, it goes into the same fun category as horoscopes, etc., but I did get some good pointers/confirmations for myself, so maybe you will too. Check it out if you like.
I came out as a Generating Manifestor; my motivation is fear, and my strategy is to respond, so the first thing I think I should always go with, all following ones aren’t the same quality afterwords, when the brain has interfered. ‘It’s an instinctive, visceral reaction that arises spontaneously.’ There’s info about job fit, relationship, success, learnings etc.
I haven’t really even gone through it all yet.
Have fun!
If you’d like more information, just Google different sections; there’s no need to pay for it. Apologies for the prev link!