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Men & Women

International Woman’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! During my childhood, it was a big day. All the ladies, wee ones and grownups got celebrated just for being female.

It was the time when all male people — cousins, brothers, fathers, friends, boyfriends, husbands, all brought flowers to all the women in their lives. Even male co-workers organized flowers and cakes to all of their female colleagues. Yes, just like that. It was cool to be a little lady and get flowers just for being one.

So, it wasn’t all bad back then after all.

Now, it’s like living in another world…fighting against and fighting for world.

I would share some interesting points of view about gender roles, translations from the book ‘A Teaching of Survival.’ by L.Viilma.

‘Men are the creators of a materialistic world. Men are natural creators of family, society, and big ideas and are responsible for managing big things even if a woman or women are managing these men every step of the way.

Therefore, if something is not working in the family, between work colleagues, or in the country, then men are blamed for it by men and/or by women. In relationships between men and women, suffers is the one that feels that they are ruled over. The other might not necessarily rule, but because of the twisted view of point the sufferer has, they see themselves as a victims.

Women want to rule but cannot see they are not for that; women are here to guide the ruler (one is not more or less important). The moment a woman becomes a ruler, she gets destroyed as in her own feminine role.

Women’s business is managing little things. Men cannot do that. Men are meant to manage big things. Women cannot do that.’ Viilma, L. (1995) ‘A Teaching of Survival’, p.87,150.

In today’s world, women disagree with that claim and instead push themselves overboard by trying to manage everything, including men’s stuff. Despite of men getting these some things done easily, women have to put in an inhumane effort, where’s there’s no strength left to be in their own gender, feminine role and, consequently to the twisted thinking, female organs could get ill or start to malfunction.

There sure are things that people are equal, equal work equal pay, but are we asking to be equal in everything? While men have a physically stronger body, there are some things that are easier for men to take care of.

‘…you are either a man or a woman, so on the level of your form you are not complete. You are one half of the whole.’ ‘The incompleteness is felt as male-female attraction…’ Tolle, E. (2002) ‘The Power of Now’, p. 90. How good is that?

Now there are generations of men that aren’t responsible for a long history of abuse of women’s rights. By putting up a new fight, à la women’s power, only keeps the fight lasting longer.

What if there is something beyond the fight for or against?

What if there’s no need to fight anymore?

What if we ask more ease with all of it?

Stand for yourself and against anyone.

What if you women up instead of men up?

If the topic interests you and you are interested in different points of view on gender roles, read another chapter here: