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Leukopenia is a body condition of low white blood cell count, and that means body’s reduced ability to resist illnesses, which can interfere with the ability to fight infection. Thus, it means the body has no guard.

Body liquids are lymph and blood.

Blood is a woman and lymph is a man.

There are red blood cells or erythrocytes and white cells called leukocytes in the blood.

Red blood cells is a woman and white cells is a man.

Blood is symbolically spiritual love. Blood is woman or women.

Like you describe your blood, you describe your spiritual love.

Humans as a whole consist of woman and man. The difference is only that there is more woman in the women than man and there is more man in the men than in a woman. Blood in us is still symbolically women.

Therefore, for example someone who has leukopenia has less man in them than is a norm.

There are enough red blood cells therefore there is enough woman in them.

A woman having the health condition means that her attitude towards a man is descent.

Her attitude towards herself is normal.

Her blood reflects her attitude.

Blood is love that circles thanks to the heart that is a lover. Like lover loves, the way their blood circulates.

Unconditional lovers’ love is like a spring that carries its water around to different rivers. Symbolically, the heart pumps blood to all organs in the human body.

Blood creating organs; the spleen, liver and bone marrow.

Spleen is the initial energy holder for the physical body. Spleen is a person’s parents as a whole. Mother is the determinant of the movement of the love energy, and father is the creator fuelled by this love energy. When parents have been living in loving relationship then a child has a normal, healthy blood. If parents are living in fight or non-consensus then they are living life by weakening each other. And the child’s blood has problems, specific to the issue that parents are having.

If the father is diminishing mother then the child’s body’s reaction to it is a fast increase in leukocytes. Increase of leukocytes rises inflammation. The father of the child has low self-esteem who diminishes his wife to get over his own low self-esteem.

If the mother is the one who has low self-esteem and who is diminishing father, who lets her do that, then he is a scared man who is helpless in his fears and therefore his child’s blood has decreased leukocytes in their blood and the child gets sick.

Little children do not have stresses on their own. They reflect everything their parents are, or trying to hide, or problems between them (spoken or unspoken). If parents’ fight, then a child getting sick brings them back together even if it’s only temporarily.

The liver is the center of rage and anger. Anger and love are two ends of the same stick. When the liver brings out the anger, then there will be more room left for love. Therefore, a liver that brings out the anger creates love.

Bone Marrow is like a woman – the creator of love, that exists under a man’s (bone’s) protection and does that what she has is made for — loves a man.

By getting awareness of the root cause of the stress/illness it can start healing in you.

Retrieved and translated from the book ‘A teaching of survival’. The author was a doctor, Luule Viilma, and she practiced as a gynecologist until 1991. After leaving the state sponsored medical system, she started to work as a private holistic doctor. She attended a course of parapsychology which gave her an impulse to creation of a holistic view of human health.

She makes a connection between different stresses (emotions) and the end result of these — specific illnesses. Her healing strategy is embedded around forgiveness to yourself and others for stresses that have come to you as life lessons.

That is the knowledge I grew up with, the books I was excited to get my hands on every time; she released the next part as these talk about everything in human existence. There are very detailed, specific descriptions of where every illness is coming from. There is a lot that most are still not ready to receive as everything comes down to self-responsibility.

I went to her seminars twice the first time I was 12 years old, and made a private appointment with her when I was 19, to ask her what’s my life purpose. I was honored to meet her, unfortunately she died in a car accident just a few years later.

I wonder how many books are there in the world written already long ago that no one knows of or has never translated into English that have actually all that is required to live on this planet?

I will translate some of it as I go, and as I have the patience to do that.:) These texts are full of medical terms. The same principals as Viilma, has American lady Ester (Abraham) Hicks that I recognized only this year, she is not as specific but she has a light and fun way how she delivers the information.

An article was inspired by a young woman I met on Saturday’s full day seminar, where we were told that we all have responsibility to bring to this world what we know. Beautiful people everywhere.

Ps. there is one book of hers in English, but but but the translation is, it’s kind of hard to read.