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Music Grants & Funding

Photo: My attempt to learn piano just before I came to Australia. I learned music theory for 9 years at school, that didn’t include learning any instrument (other than flute…kmh kmh). Not sure why I took these piano exercises with me…

Music Grants & Funding

I am also a grant writer, and I realized that if I can justify someone getting the full amount, 35k for the grass tractor, then I can justify the necessity of music in this world for sure!!!:). Musicians deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences. Not to mention psychological and social benefits, and its potential to reduce stress.

Since…one of two things that brings me the most joy in this world is Music, I would like to contribute to that by getting funding for creators activities; tours, performances at concerts.

Pick up the money lying around!

However, this time I want something in return. 🙂