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Embracing Your Greatness: Unleashing the Power Within

My Alchemist

She says out loud seemingly the most absurd dreams of yours that you thought only in your head, never have these words have had a real sound in your world until now and then; she says that is the true you and you have to live up to that. That’s your real choice.

Then she said and put a star behind this one. I turned my notebook towards her to show that it’s exactly what I had done a few seconds before she said it out loud.

It kind of sounds like it’s already done, when I go with her! Amazing!

There is prior exercise and after exercise in this process, for weeks. There are challenges, about this next time.

Then we talk and I kind of try to dim it down the greatness that she said that I am; she catches me and brings me back from my egoic mind, teaching how to do/be it myself. It’s practice.

You are thinking you are vicious evil and unlovable, so this word greatness disappears somewhere nowhere. Perhaps stop for a moment and be with this word for a little bit.

What if you do not have what you are supposed to have because you are constantly making yourself smaller, wrong; even asking for it; adjust yourself with everyone and everything surrounding you? Thinking it’s the way, the right way, because everyone is living it.

Is that the way for you though? Ps choosing you doesn’t mean excluding everyone else. More about it in the book ‘Being you changing the world’ by D. Heer. Available in many different languages.

Can you imagine swimming in your wildest dreams and feeling complete alignment with yourself while doing it?

There are no doubts; no self-sabotage, no resistance, fear or fight no hurt, no hurting others.

It is so weird yet natural and wonderful!

I also realized that I’ve been doing it for others for all my life, without being aware of it, and I have met some that have done that for me, but I kind of kept brushing it off. This time she didn’t let me. She held me accountable for acknowledging my greatness. That is subtle; that has no reaction; no demand in it. It feels like presence, space, like it’s all just here. Opaaaa! My heart starts pounding! Lips begin to curve upwards 🙂

I’m not doing a greatness reading but that is part of what I am doing inherently in my Walkwithme for You sessions, I acknowledge your greatness and keep you accountable. I always have seen potential in people, their true heart beyond their egoic mind, also with people that were the least liked by many. With people close to me, it has been challenging sometimes to see what they are choosing if I know how much more their life could be.

I’ve started to come to allowance; they choose whatever they choose, without making it about me, because that’s what it actually is if you worry about somebody. They choose to suffer then, so it is until they’ll choose not to. PS it’s the insanity of this society to create suffering. Bad habits really.

Acknowledging your greatness or not, that’s the same thing, you know that you have intuition, but if you do not follow through accordingly, it’s useless. Practice or get somebody to do it for you. I know it’s a hard task to get aligned and enjoy yourself for a moment. 🙂

What is the greatness that you are that you’ve been brushing off or never acknowledged?

What greatness are you that you’ve been hiding that if you didn’t could change your world and be a contribution to so many others?

Are you ready to step into your greatness?

Throughout your life, you meet people who acknowledge your greatness. (You always know when something comes from someone’s heart). Please be aware when it happens, it is the support you’ve been asking for. Do not ever brush it off again! Take it on board and shine; swim in it; that’s the way to get more of it. More into the greatness that you actually are!


I know you’re great! Live it! 🌞


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