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Presence Retreat – An Inner Transformational Journey of Self Discovery

Presence Retreat in September 21-24 in Eco Deluxe Retreat Centre, Uki, NSW. Join Theresa on a journey of Self-Discovery – Book online by clicking the link below.

A present for yourself.

I am excited and honoured to invite you to Presence Retreat with International Author, Intuitive Alchemist, coach and mentor Theresa Fitzgerald.

If you are a reader here, you know the post I wrote about My Alchemist (My Alchemist). This is her retreat coming up in September.

It’s a retreat so it will not be as intensive as was the 6-week program I attended, but it is 4 days of Presence, tools to get there and stay there. What change could that create in your life?

Theresa has co-authored with international personal and spiritual development leaders and entrepreneurs such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer and Esther and Gerry hicks to name a few. All who have made significant impact to the field of self-discovery. 

Learn to be present in your life and to be able to be still your mind that can lead you to more opportunities that you didn’t believed could be possible.

At Presence Retreat’s 4 day Spring Equinox Immersion you will learn this and so much more. It will be unique and expansive and you will walk away feeling like a new you.

A few places still available and if you are ready to create the life of your dreams, click the link below for more info or send me a DM on FB.

After registration, you will have a chat with Theresa first to make sure if this is the fit for you.

All relevant information about the magical location, event, agenda, and about Theresa here:


This retreat is truly about embarking on a journey of self-discovery. In this fast-paced digital world, taking time for oneself often becomes a luxury that many overlook. Yet, it’s through moments of stillness, reflection, and presence that the true essence of life reveals itself.

Theresa’s vast experience, combined with her connection to renowned spiritual guides, provides an enriching atmosphere for attendees to delve deep into their souls.

What if change is easy?

How can it get better than that? 🌞