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Whatever you did or have done has made you grow. All this pain and discomfort was there to make you ask for different possibilities and ways to grow and to be. What you do not want is the way to polish knowing what you really want.

What if you can grow without creating pain in your life? What would that be like?


Are you making yourself wrong about what you’re asking (dreaming) of?

Are you making yourself wrong simultaneously asking for something? By doing that you’re creating resistance to the very same dream you’re dreaming of! What would it take to change that?

What if you truly ask: What if I am not wrong?


Are other people making you wrong?

Do you think you can ever please other people? They change their opinion of you all the time. Read, making you wrong. A very primitive example but can be applied to everything. For example, my dearest family commented that I was big when I was 14. I was 1.60 and 54kg. The same people said I was too thin 10 years later. Making me wrong once again.  The same people have different opinions. Was it just an opinion? Actually, it was a judgement.

The same is usually with ‘…but no one has ever done it this way?’ Saying it can’t be the way to do it. Is it true?

Thinking of the big inventors, if they had been thinking that way, we would not have had electricity and all the other millions of things we have today.

What if it’s totally irrelevant what they think you should or could? What is that you know that could be done in a different way that would change your reality and quite possibly for many others?

What if being aware is enough, no need to do anything with their opinions or react to it. Just stay focused on your own knowing. Only you know you do not need to justify.

‘What are you choosing as always having to be all right or all wrong as the only choice in life and living that keeps you from choosing a totally different reality than anyone else can have with absolutely no conclusions?’ (Dain Heer).

Everywhere you’re making yourself wrong and choosing against you destroy and uncreate it.

What if you are not wrong? What if you were Never wrong?

With love