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Photo: at the music festival 2 days ago. I was so out of place with my 3 striped shoes, like so very out of place! Outcast! Literally didn’t see anyone wearing anything else than Nike or Vans. Yes, well; I was Nike’s only girl all my life. Australia has ruined me. Lol. Actually, it just happened and Nike created an appealing design in the 90s; really, or if you know where these pretty ones are, please let me know.

R&B and hip hop people are the best smelling crowd (variations of the smell of the soap and washing powder and perfume); the second comes the crowd of classical music, and interestingly, all the rest are coming after. In case you were wondering:), just an observation from going to many many concerts in recent years.

Hi, how are you all going?

Yes, that’s how it’s asked here in Australia. 🙂 I like it!

I have been changing… will be back soon, when the dust settles. Are you changing?

The physical world is a bit busy, the least to say, that is exiting, but I’m also looking forward to calming waters ahead, and I am a bit scared simultaneously; am I going suffer all that calmness coming!? Perhaps I could create a problem for myself to make sure I will handle it well. Lol. I’m sure I’m the only one doing it.

Yesterday I went to the music festival, some old R&B queens and kings on stage. I wasn’t particularly a fan of any of those, but these songs and voices are still so amazing to listen to! I do not know if these ever went away; they were on a break. It’s a classic; it’s always going to be here. And, I have never in my life seen that many tits of a strangers; every time there was a lady from the crowd on camera (on the big screen) the bra or the shirt was off. Yes, well they got their moment! 🙂 Breasts are energetically ‘wanting to or desire to attract men or a man or the man, it’s conscious or unconscious. The bigger the breasts, the bigger the desire. (Viilma). It’s not the case with the fake ones though. I’m sorry if you got distracted now.🙂

There was something that Ashanti said in the introductory to her song that still gives me giggles. She said with an attitude, (add the intonation) ‘we all have in life those Relationships and Situationships’, I thought opaa relationships just got another layer, Situationship! We’ll see if I have some more thoughts on it.

On that day I also met some people that I’ve met in online classes; they know that they are the creators of everything in their life and living. It’s so much fun to meet creators who know that they are that! That’s empowering.

There was one very naughty older lady; ...I do not know if that’s politically correct to write or say those things, so I will rather tell you one day if I meet you.:)

Watching Ted’s (the teddy bear) series…. If that was my ‘guidebook’….then I could say those things. Warning if you are sensitive do not watch this as it should be labelled with a warning ‘to avoid if you have any kind of sensitivity’ (in terms of humor), although it has made sure that every situationship like Ashani said has ‘politically correct result’. So do not you worry, You are right! Always! 🙂 Also, consciousness includes everything—stupidity, bad jokes, stupid people, and all that you do not like. As if you have noticed, not liking something doesn’t make it go away; therefore, instead of pushing against it, be aware of it (read it again, and see how your whole body relaxed). If you resist that something or ignore it, you’re cutting off the great stuff as well.

Some new people have chosen me to be their change agent and that makes me humble, and so very exited; what’s possible for them now?

Something that came up with my dear client yesterday was that mundane life leads to a depression, or not wanting to participate or non creative state where the word happiness hasn’t any kind of sound even.

It’s actually such a wide problem that it’s almost like the only problem.

You have so much energy or you could say potential that you aren’t using; that has to get out, and when it doesn’t it turns against you. That could be the beginning of self-destruction; it could show up as depression or any physical illness or turn into violence.

Viilma says that depression is an unrealized love that you have in you. There’s truth in it, you have so much of it, and if it doesn’t find a way to be expressed, it just turns into destruction of your self and your life.

That’s the same reason creative people are sometimes depressed. They have so much more creativity that it just overwhelms, and they can’t comprehend if they have the capacity to put it all out there that they would like to. On the other side of it, they’re not authentic, they’re repressing their creativity, holding it back to cater to the preferences of certain individuals or adhere to societal norms and expectations; the depression could strike as well.

All crime is rooted to unused potential. That’s why I’m feeling so sorry about these teenagers that arrange all this mess…it’s just to get attention from their parents, begging to get direction and support. I mean support not a control.

That’s why it’s said, can you imagine what these people could do in the world, if they used all the creativity towards constructive inventions they put into planning a crime?

There’s more to write about depression and fatigue; it’s cooking somewhere back in my mind.

Happy new year, and what kind of  beautiful dragon are you willing to embody this year?

Reena 🌞