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Tonsils – Communication, repressed feelings

My tonsils are constantly giving me a stingy scratchy sensation and I have almost persistent sore throat despite of these being removed when I was 25. It was an operation with local anaesthetic, I was awake the entire time and in insane pain when these got removed, and once removed I had to spit out my own body parts (pieces of tonsils) not sure how I earned such a cruelty to my body; I will explore the meaning, the energetics of tonsils below.

Tonsils are a speech centre, speaking up, expressing yourself, repressed, uncommunicated feelings, speech, conversations not held – this explains a lot; I was often told to be quiet, made wrong when I was a child. Now, when doing Healy Resonance and Chakra analysis these come up as well and the analysis encourages to speak up often times.

Throat chakra is a self-expression to the world. No news here, but it’s been a long time and since I do not have tonsils anymore, where does this pain resonate from? What is there hurting then? Doctors have not given me anything other than it’s your imagination.

“Mental obstacle – in the body, tonsils are located in the central of creativity, if it hurts, you have to give yourself permission to do whatever you like, without suffocating yourself, without blaming yourself and without being afraid of other’s judgement. Instead of being angry with yourself because of the wrong decision or unconsidered act, learn how to accept what you create. Only this way, you can open up your true personality.” L. Viilma. All that makes sense more than expected…still hurts though.

‘The throat connects the head and the heart, on a metaphysical level, it’s self-love and being you. Creating your life accordingly to your true needs, the realisation of your unique personality, your real being, opening the channel to abundance. If you build your life accordingly to your point of view, it helps you to develop your creative abilities.’ L.Viilmaa

See! I am fascinated; isn’t it interesting what your body is trying to tell you?

To be honest, I haven’t actually dealt with this discomfort, but after starting this website, it doesn’t hurt as much anymore (voicing my reality) and I will commit to using Healey someday soon and see where it’s going to take me. I once did a Healy thyroid program and the next morning my voice was different, it came out from a totally different place. If you have ever sung you know it happens when you practice or do your vocal warm up; well there was no practice, but in the morning the voice had opened up!? I am talking about speaking voice here; I do not sing anymore, as I used to in my childhood, as I went to a special musical class for 9 years.

What is that Your body is trying to tell you? Have you ever listened?

I will be discovering more about the body here occasionally, or if you have any requests, or have a part of your body that is bothering you let me know, let’s dig deep into it.