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What kind of a man are you!? (Book reading)

Prequel: Mankind as humankind, encompassing all individuals rather than solely emphasizing the male gender, although Happy International Men’s Day today!

My friend has 2 sons and she asked me if the book has something about men/boys as there’s heaps of material about ‘girl power’ out there but nothing about men.

This chapter isn’t translated by me but is taken from the only one of 7 books that is also published in English. I’m sure you can find it if you’d like to buy one. If you’ll read that, you will see that every other ‘self-help’ method or book or seminar is tip toeing around the topics or twisting them for their own favor. I didn’t remember her talking about past lives and chakras and some other things, so I guess I wasn’t ready to receive that much info.

Just the other day I remembered one time, when I purchased a book in English, the author’s husband brought it to me. I also realised that the husband’s brother holds a prominent position within the church, so I can imagine how she went against so many people in her life. Her medical license wasn’t renewed after 5 years, and the way she talks about religion (she actually talks about the misuse of religion by people; the blind dogmatic behaviour that stops the evolution of the humankind), she probably didn’t have great or easy relationships with the family either. She also said she didn’t imagine she could write anything as she was a doctor not a writer, so she wrote the information as she received it.

That chapter touches many topics on the surface, but she talks about it all more in depth throughout the other books.

These topics were rather surprising back at the time as they didn’t seem to be obvious issues, but now it’s clear these problems are here. If you think of domestic violence, teenager crimes, or school violence; the root causes are here.

I remember reading it and thinking, s… everything’s not my dad’s fault after all. You know he was away a lot because of his work; therefore, ‘didn’t care, left everything on mom’s shoulders, she didn’t have a support etc etc’. It was kind of normality that men were to blame on everything for, until it wasn’t. I started to see my mom’s part in all of it. Thanks to his efforts, they had their own house in their early 20s without a bank loan, and I had a wonderful home to grow up in. I also realised the first time I started to get along with him, I was about 14 and it’s probably the time I read the chapter. Understanding him rather than judging created the shift.

Also, if there’s any time ladies have to man up it is reading and receiving this chapter. I will post these in separate parts as the chapter is long and there’s a lot to take in.



What kind of a man are you!?


Man and woman are opposites. Their union is a sacred whole in which both sides have to be equal. The woman is stronger in her spirit. She is weaker in body. The man is more vulnerable in his spirit. This is a rule without exception and should be taken as such. Both should appreciate the strength of the woman’s feelings and the man’s body and take care not to break her physical strength or his feelings.

But what about the situation in reality?

From a materialistic viewpoint, the man is the stronger half but as spirit always comes first in God’s kingdom, the woman is actually the stronger of the two.

It should also be remembered that life is a flow of energy, moving in a wavelike patterns between positive and negative or good and bad. That is a fact. If someone fails to enjoy the good times in life and spoils everything by moaning and groaning that bad times are just around the corner and he never has any luck anyway, he will just make the difficulties harder. A constant fear of future hardships will soon blind you to the delights of the present.

The end of the twentieth century is the age of the weak skeleton – this is our weak spot. So, you can see why every reasonable human being should do his best to strengthen his bones to keep them from breaking or deforming. At present as many as 78 % of 13-year-olds suffer from various kinds of bone deformations.

The skeleton is like a house. Soft tissues, supported by the skeleton, stand for everything that belongs to a house.

The bone structure is the father. People whose fathers enjoy the respect of the family, have stronger bones in comparison with the average individual of the end of this century. Skeletal deformations speak of a weak father.

A pelvis that stands at an angle to the ground indicates that something is wrong with the family, ie. the mother + the father. The spine is unable to lean on it properly.

Materialism, a point of view overestimating the materialistic side of life, is a hard and bitter lesson for the whole of humanity. It has brought on a senseless hunt for riches that is still going on a hunt that puts men, as the stronger sex, in a very difficult position: if you are a real man, you’ll bring home a mountain of gold and put your wife on top of it. And the men want to be real men. The heartaches are buried deep and love is given a different definition: if you love me, you’ll prove it, el. etc. Only there’s not enough gold on this earth to make everybody happy…

Can you imagine the fear that men must feel in this hunt, plus the additional fear of returning home empty-handed? Fear, as it keeps growing accumulates into anger.

At one time we come into this world as men, at another, as women, but as each energy has its consciousness, there are also collective male and female memories. All accusations directed towards men (or women) in general, are also directed to each individual man (or woman).

The woman of the twentieth century feels the degeneration of men with painful clarity. Gossiping about the faults of men has become a favourite pastime of women, without considering that all is relative in life and the real situation may be something entirely different.

Dear sisters, please read the following lines very carefully, then, maybe you’ll understand that by throwing dirt on men in general, you are hitting your own father, husband and son. But the daughter, wife and mother of a soiled man will be soiled as well. Women are throwing accusations at their husbands, without realising that they themselves may have done something wrong to begin with.

We are free to choose our own body when we are born into this world, because we need it as a means of learning. That goes for both men and women and everyone should love his or her body. The situation in real life, however, is quite different.

The spirit’s choice is a sacred one and, accordingly, the human body in its entirety is sacred. Women despise their periods without realising that God has provided them with a monthly purification process that, taking into account the tendency of female emotions overflow, allows them to rid themselves of excess negativity and does them good. While women tend to be nervous and easily upset before their period, afterwards they blossom serenely like flowers in the field.

The fear of getting pregnant as well as the fear of childlessness does nothing but attracts exactly the same conditions – pregnancy or infertility. If you are scared of conceiving, the fear will disrupt the normal function of your ovaries. The ovum cannot depart at its proper time and, instead, starts moving exactly when you don’t want it to. Whom can you blame, then?

Your body understands that you want to be frightened of getting pregnant. Convince it of your real intent and you will release the stress.

A woman, scared of childbirth and at the same time afraid of remaining childless, spoils the natural flow of the process. Women often protest against wiping runny noses, preparing dinner, doing household chores and all the other million and one things to do at home. You should know that when you have to force yourself to do those things, your children tend to fall ill often, the food you cook has no taste and your home feels cold.

Dear sisters, rejoice in the wonderful gift that nature has given you – you have a fountain of love in your heart that can never run dry. Love cures a child more effectively than any medicine, food that has been prepared with love is delicious and a loving home is a castle.

A mother who tells her sick child, “Let me make you some herb tea and my little angel will be well in no time. ” knows that such tenderness and loving care is enough to make anybody feel better.

Another mother may groan, “Oh no, not again! How do you always manage to fall ill at the most inconvenient time! And I’ll have to buy you all that expensive medicine again!” Having to listen to such exhortations makes you feel ill enough to want to lie down.

If people, men and women alike, made a habit of sending their love to everything that surrounds them, the world in general, and each person’s life in particular, would be better and richer, including in the material sense of the word.



(Dr.Viilma, L. 1997, A Teaching of Survival, pp. 65-67).