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BeingDifferent Perspective

World Suicide Prevention Day

There are levels of that: like no enthusiasm for a life, or just not wanting to be here anymore, apathy that  doesn’t necessarily lead to obvious physical harm just yet, although there are different ways like alcohol and drug use, destructive thinking that leads to physical illnesses that is a way out too.
Can you imagine: You have everything and more you’ve ever asked for, love, all the money in the world, a career, and then you ask is that it? Is that all there is? Suddenly it gets all so bleak and lonely there.
You feel like the world is in the palm of your hands, and now what? Stuck, because you’ve gotten bored and you cannot ask questions, you want to check out. If you are one of those, please know there is more to everything whatever it looks like. The question is here, how can all this get greater than this? Do not try to answer stay in the Space of the question.
This is example to illustrate how people who do not have any of those things come down to the same point, they do not have any of those things, they ask is that it? Is that all there is, constant struggle?
Perhaps that’s why it’s easier to stay within the ‘second version’, there are still needs, endless needs to fulfill, and never the time to get to anything greater as there is money to chase or a career or some other problem that helps not to face the truth of yourself, the amazing being and creator you actually are, and create greater life for you and consequently to others.
When I was 19, I went to see an exceptional lady, she had published 7 great books (that I read in high school instead of compulsory literature), I was panicking that I did not know what am I here for. She laughed me out, she said ‘You are only 19 and want to know your life purpose?’ I did, like I was in a rush, I still have these questions but it’s better a bit, not freaking out so much anymore. I am on the second version ‘nice and safe’ still creating problems not to create life.  However, I got committed to getting my bars run (read more about it on my sessions section or at least once a week since the Covid started, looking back I can see it has made a difference. These questions do not cut as sharply anymore…and I know I am here to contribute the ones that can take it, it makes me happy, because I have so much of it.
Do one thing once a week that you know or you think you know is a contribution to you.
To get out of the stuck ask without trying to answer. Answer is that one thing, the only option(s) that you know of but question opens up a Universe of possibilities that could come to you instead:
What else is possible?
How can it get better than that?
What am I actually avoiding here not to create my life that if I did not avoid it, I would have everything I have been asking for? Everything that is times a gazillion …(read about it @
What would it be like if I was creating (choosing) my life instead of problems?
Also, how many times in your lifetime has anyone told you: ‘Whatever it is call me or come to me!’ I have heard it twice in my life but I’ve said it many many times more. There doesn’t have to be many of them but when you check into the hospital and cannot think of an emergency contact name to write down…(that even despite of having loads of ‘friends’ and relatives)…
So please, say it to anyone you can see should hear it, it doesn’t cost a thing, and this person remembers you with gratitude forever.