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Harnessing the Power of Thoughts: Creating Your Reality

Photo: Coffee on the Gold Coast.


You create your own reality


You will get what you Think about.

Really? 😃


Really? 😳

Is that good news or bad news? 😈

Or maybe you freaked out? 😀

No one ever thought you that. They said it’s not reality, without realising they created their reality with their own thoughts. Thought was there first…and energy even before that. First is energy, then thought and then emotion.

That’s why it’s useful to start learning how to think in a positive way because your thoughts create your reality.

Some thoughts we think that are negative; they are actually awarenesses; we’re just used to label everything. ‘Good and bad right and wrong’ (I am hearing in my head Jason Statham’s funny nagging tone when he said that in the move I just saw).

At first you start to notice your negative thought patterns developed during your lifetime, and think how on earth I’m going to change that?!

For example, if you know you created the crap in your life or health condition for your body then you know that you can uncreate it, and you will learn a lot in the process, challenges turning to miracles that’s called life. Oh, so many miracles…🙂

By listening you start noticing how much disbelief and no trust you’ve practiced in your life, and questioning is it really true?

You’ve been picking up other people’s doubts and fears and taken these as your own. So better; ask is it mine?

I was looking for a good explanation about the word vortex on YouTube and that’s how I found, or it found me, Esther/Abraham Hicks about a year ago. As coincidence (cooperative incidences) they did unplanned trip to AU; so, I was able to see her live just in November right here.

Thanks to these listenings on YouTube I make a difference now, between what is ego based me and what’s my inner being. Through these conversations on very different topics, people’s questions and Hicks repeating what is you and what’s not, you start realising the truth in it, and making a difference what is you and what’s not you.

At first it feels like too much strawberries and whipped cream (unreal) but the more you listen the closer you get. Closer to your own truth.

When self-doubt starts to creep in…then you go to the ‘place’ called inner being… there’s no doubt there, there is your truth, your knowing, your peace; your love and joy – Unlimited! Untouchable! You start smiling, you’re home again. Despite everything outside of you indicating the opposite.

You do not have to fight it, you do not feel like you have to; you make the difference what is yours and what isn’t.

What would it be like to have more more more of that?✨💫😇

Now, what’s waiting to be created?

It’s been said what is real will never leave you. I have been struggling with that lately…because I do not understand….

I created a playlist on YouTube if you wish, where I will add E. Hicks’s as well as Access Consciousness YouTube clips from time to time. Some titles of these videos are totally misleading but I doubt any of the content could harm anyone.

The promised post ‘I got cold on the massage table’ comes on the 21st as I can’t post it here before it’s published in the magazine.